Sarah Connor Chronicle’s Thomas Dekker Joins Plush

By: Kelly West Things may not have worked out for the CW’s The Secret Circle, but at the very least, the show’s cancellation likely opened up star Thomas Dekker’s schedule. The actor has signed on to join the cast of Plush, joining Cam Gigandet, Emily Browning and Dawn Olivieri in the thriller. Co-written and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Plush stars Browning as a rock star … Continue reading Sarah Connor Chronicle’s Thomas Dekker Joins Plush


Great movie!  OMG I loved this movie so much.  The story line was brilliantly done, it was consistent, unwavering and, like I said before, brilliant.  The acting was great, the cast had great chemistry with one another and the special effects and action scenes were beautifully captured and done.  This movie also had great symbolism to equate the corruption of the church to that of … Continue reading Priest