PriestGreat movie!  OMG I loved this movie so much.  The story line was brilliantly done, it was consistent, unwavering and, like I said before, brilliant.  The acting was great, the cast had great chemistry with one another and the special effects and action scenes were beautifully captured and done.  This movie also had great symbolism to equate the corruption of the church to that of the government and showed that although he, the Priest (played by Paul Bettany), left the church and broke his oath, he remained faithful to the church in order to do what was right, instead of denying to truth to force people into following, and believing in false faith.  The symbolism I think was what got me the most and made me love the movie even more-so.  It was just a brilliantly thought out movie, with a great script, great story line that never wavered coupled with brilliant acting.  The opening sequence, which was animated was also brilliant, it connected to the story, giving you a background without dragging and making the story line even more powerful.  It showed growth in society and how open they were once, and when you see the movie, you see this dark and hallow place, a place ruled by fear.  It make me think of a sheltered bird ya know, if it’s caged in safety and never spread it’s wings, the moment the door opens, it will fall to it’s death.  Once again it was the symbolism that got me.  Great movie!  Worth every penny I spent.  4 (out of 4) Stars and a A-Rating.  Don’t miss it.

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