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8 Surprising Details About The Hellish Production Of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

By: Kristy Puchko With his big mustache, red overalls and gawky brother, Mario of Super Mario Bros. has been an icon of video gaming since the 1980s. His adventures rescuing Princess Peach while collecting coins, and trouncing grimacing Goombas, made little narrative sense yet made for countless hours of entertainment for gamers old and young. So following the successful release of Super Mario Bros. 1-3, it made perfect sense for some enterprising producer to attempt a movie spin-off. Of course, the result []

If Non-Stop Is A Speed Knockoff, Julianne Moore Is Sandra Bullock

By: Katey Rich With Taken 2 currently dominating theaters after making an incredible $50 million this weekend, now’s a great time for Liam Neeson to start setting up his next project– and, as you might expect by now, he’ll be putting his action skills to the test again. He’s already set to lead Non-Stop, a thriller in which he’ll play an air marshal responding to mysterious threats against the lives of the passengers on board. Now an actress has hopped on board []