Blizzard confirms hacked

By: Connor Sheridan World of Warcraft and Diablo III maker says encrypted passwords, security question answers, email addresses from players on North American servers were compromised.’s internal systems were illegally accessed on August 4 and account information including encrypted passwords and security question answers appear to have been taken. Blizzard said in a security update today that while no evidence so far suggests financial … Continue reading Blizzard confirms hacked

Gamer dies after Diablo III marathon

This is very tragic news.  Over the weekend a Taiwanese man collapsed and died after playing Blizzard’s new Diablo III for 40 straight hours.  The Australian Associated Press reported the story, citing the Taiwanese United Daily News as the source of the information. According to the report, the 18-year old man (no name given) entered an internet café in souther Taiwan around noon on Friday, … Continue reading Gamer dies after Diablo III marathon

Diablo III downloads restrict features, cap levels temporarily

By: Connor Sheridan Blizzard’s 1.03 patch limits digital purchasers to Starter Edition until payment is verified. Gamers who pay to download Diablo III won’t have full access to the game for up to three days, thanks to tweaks made in the game’s latest patch. According to a post on Blizzard’s forums, Diablo III downloaders will only be able to play the Starter Edition of the … Continue reading Diablo III downloads restrict features, cap levels temporarily

Diablo III cheaters face permanent bans

By: Eddie Makuch Gamers found to be cheating or using hacks, bots, or modifications in any form in Blizzard Entertainment’s new dungeon crawler Diablo III face a potential permanent ban, the developer said in an update to its website. Those banned will be permanently unable to log in to their account, and thus prohibited from playing Diablo III. Blizzard explained that it “has always … Continue reading Diablo III cheaters face permanent bans

Diablo III game-breaking bug found

According to forums gamers have already found a game breaking big in the latest installment in the Diablo Series, Diablo III.  The game has only recently been released and already players are discovering problems.  The issue triggers Error 3006 which boots users from the Diablo III servers and prohibits them from logging back in. The issue comes up while one is playing a Demon … Continue reading Diablo III game-breaking bug found

The Evolution of Diablo

Like previous games in the franchise, Diablo III is still all about fast-paced combat presented from an overhead perspective. Though III might look similar to Diablo II at a glance, there’s quite a bit different under the hood, including a reworked skill system, real-money auction house, and a much more sophisticated crafting system. You can see specifically what has changed since the days of Diablo … Continue reading The Evolution of Diablo

Torchlight 2 release date teased alongside new trailer

Runic Games has been working on Torchlight 2 for around two solid years, “which is not unreasonably long for this type of game,” says studio CEO Max Schaefer. Promising the studio is “going as fast as we can,” Schaefer says the game should be ready soon – but isn’t ashamed to admit that its release is somewhat contingent on a certain other, eagerly-awaited point-‘n’-click crawler. … Continue reading Torchlight 2 release date teased alongside new trailer