Dishonored golden

By: Eddie Makuch After three years of work, development on Arkane Studios’ new stealth-action game Dishonored has come to a close. Publisher Bethesda announced today that the game has gone gold ahead of its worldwide release early next month. Dishonored ships for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 in North America and France on October 9, with subsequent releases following in Australia and Spain … Continue reading Dishonored golden

Dishonored debuts October 9

Well there you go gamers!  Besthesda has confirmed the North Amercian release date fot the first-person assassination action game “Dishonered”. The game is set for release October 9 (in North America) on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC.  Dishonered is a first-person action game that puts plays in the boots of the assassin Corvo.  In this game he has been tasked with protecting the … Continue reading Dishonored debuts October 9