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Tag: Glass

Incredibly…Underwhelming | Review of ‘Glass’

Unfortunately underwhelming film that under utilizes such great characters and actors.


An Intense Grounder | Review of ‘The 100’ (The Hundred #1)

Powerful and suspenseful, this story has magnificent world building, but with little action and a more character driven plot, readers will have a hard time relying on their imagination to see these characters and will look toward the show for visualization.

Weekly Reading List #36

It’s Spring Break! Take a look at these titles and see if they are suitable for your beach and poolside reading.

Skin Deep©

It cracked and fractured Inch by inch At first there was nothing All was smooth and glossy But the reflection that greeted her Was darkening The eyes turned black Then red inched in Looking up She was starting to forget … Continue Reading Skin Deep©