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Heartfelt & Impactful | Review of ‘Elegy’ (Hereafter #3)

A beautiful ending that every reader knew was coming but still hoped against and tugged at the headings.

Monday Night TV (22 Oct 2012)

Wow, just wow.  Max’s friend is a complete ass.  I hate him.  Also, Annie, yeah she really needs to relax and take a freaking chill pill.  Seriously, I no longer like her character! Naomi, Silver, Max and Liam are the only characters I like on this show.  Everyone else, I swear, have got to go.  I mean, they are god awful human beings and they suck.  They are whinny and dramatic and just, so annoying, nothing about them feels or seems real []

Shiloh Fernandez Joins Shailene Woodley In Gregg Araki’s White Bird

By: Eric Eisenberg Though he’s spent a good chunk of his career on the small screen, starring in episodes of shows like Gossip Girl, Jericho, C.S.I. New York and United States of Tara, Shiloh Fernandez is starting to find permanent residence in the world of movies. After starring in movies like Skateland and Red Riding Hood over the past few years, the young actor has landed parts in bigger upcoming projects, such as the Evil Dead remake and Zal Batmanglij’s The East. []

Monday Night TV (15 Oct 2012)

Wow, I have been so out of the loop with this show but it was good I mean I think it was good, glad that Max and Naomi are finally serious and together, I mean that was awesome. Other than that, the show as kind of lame, over dramatic. But that’s what keeps me tuning in, I mean this drama just keep me sucked in. It’s my guilty pleasure I have t admit. Over all, even though story and plot are lame []

Kid Cudi And Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr Join Romantic Comedy Two Night Stand

By: Eric Eisenberg From the description of the upcoming comedy Two Night Stand it sounds like it’s going to be a film with a very small cast. The plot follows two young people (Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton) who meet online and then sleep together as part of a one night and immediately regret it in the next morning. Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped together due to a raging blizzard. Honestly, when I first read the plot I thought there was a []

KARA’s Hara graces cover of ‘Elle Girl’ with a preppy style

By: kdramacrazy KARA‘s Hara showcased the “preparatory school” fashion in a photoshoot for the October edition of fashion magazine, ‘Elle Girl‘. Goo Hara is the first girl group member to grace the cover solo. Illustrating the trendy, uptown preppy look as the Lacoste Live global ambassador, Hara modeled the appeal of the main characters from American TV show, ‘Gossip Girl‘. In addition, rather than wearing her usual high heels, Hara wore sneakers that still showed off her perfect mannequin body. One Lacoste []

Monday Night TV (14 May 2012)

I am so sick and tired of the Chuck and Blair tug of love going on here.  Right when I thought the writers were moving past that they instead decide to take 10 huge steps back.  Not to mention I officially hate what they have done to Serena and I hate her character.  This show is becoming and repetitive and boring.  I only like Ivy, Nate, Dan and Rufus.  But you know what, I don’t think I’ll tune in every night to []

Monday Night TV (7 May 2012)

For the love of god, enough with the Chuck and Blair love already!  It’s tiresome, old, and overplayed.  I am sick of it.  For the love of god, enough already.  All I can say is that.  Also, considering I am one who has read the books, I have noted that they have turned Dan into the part of Nate from the books, caught between Serena and Blair.  Now I can honestly say that I am happy that Serena is no longer Gossip []