Hart of Dixie

Monday Night TV (14 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

Genre: Medical drama, Comedy-drama Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Willaims, Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson & Scott Porter “Friends in Low Places”:  Remind me, who is this Joel guy and why is he here?  I can’t be the only one who is bothered by his appearance on the show.  I mean really, he doesn’t fit, not in the cast not in Bluebell and thus, not in this show.  Last nights episode was a compilation of Zoe trying to make Joel fall in []

Monday Night TV (7 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

Genre: Medical drama, Comedy-drama Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Willaims, Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson & Scott Porter “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”: If you remember last season Dr. Zoe Hart dated Wade, then broke up with him when she found out he cheated on her, then professed her love to George while he was in another relationship, then decided she needed to leave. So after Wade declares that he loves her, she says she needs space, which is understandable, and []

Tuesday Night TV (23 Apr 2013)

Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Williams, Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson & Scott Porter Poor Wanda being caught in the middle of the Wade and Lemon.  Wade’s idea as a lot of merit and granted his character should have thought to talk to Lemon about his idea but a sports bar is incredibly better than a “salon” but, that is my opinion.  Not a fan of how the plot is circling around Zoe and George.  That is a sub plot that needs to be put to rest for a []

Tuesday Night TV (9 Apr 2013)

Starring: Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Williams, Wilson Bethel, Tim Matheson & Scott Porter Genre: Medical drama, Comedy-drama Did not like the fact that Ruby (Golden Brooks) came back, I’m just grateful it was for this one episode because even though the actress herself has both talent and beauty, her character is by far the most selfish character out there, and no I am not saying it is wrong to go off and pursue your dreams, what I am saying is that the way she treated him []

Tuesday Night TV (19 Feb 2013)

Not a big fan of Lemon.  Lavon has moved on and since she is with someone else, she should let him move on and be happy with whoever the heck he wants, and Annabeth is a ten times better person than Ruby and Lemon…funny, both are shades of colors and Annabeth is a plain name…I vote for her.  Zoe is the best girlfriend, her actions prove that she cares and supports Wade and wants him to live and reach for his dreams, []

Tuesday Night TV (5 Feb 2013)

I love this show.  The tension of it was very built up.  The fact that everyone loves Shelby and that Lemons plan totally backfired which I was glad for.  That brings me to Lemon (Jaime King) she is not a good person, at all.  She tries to be, but only on face value, making her unbearable to watch.  Also, she needs to eat something, and this is coming from a girl who weighs 102lbs.  Too much info, I know.  It just bothers []

Tuesday Night TV (29 Jan 2013)

Completely adorable I love how the concept of this episode was so relevant to what’s happening today in society ask someone who lives in Boston I’m totally familiar with the flu epidemic so I loved it and thought the representation of what’s going on is awesome. Personally I love how Wade and Zoe are together and took care of each other when the other was sick, I think they are adorable and their chemistry is so cool and then how the writers []

Tuesday Night TV (22 Jan 2013)

I am so glad that Wade and Zoe are dating now.  I mean they are cute together, and even though I hate George’s mother, I was happy with the revelation of the relationship, the standing and who truly cares for whom more.  It really was a good establishing episode.  Lemon’s character who was growing quite a bit, took two huge steps back with her reaction towards her dad and Shelby dating.  I mean the girl makes her father happy and I like []

Tuesday Night TV (27 Nov 2012)

BLOGGERS NOTE: First and foremost I would like to apologize for the format of these TV Reviews tonight.  Finals coming up soon! Wade (Wilson Bethel) lot’s of character growth Zoe (Rachel Bilson) annoying, but in a good way, she cares a lot about Lavon (Cress Williams) I love Zoe and how her character goes form doing one thing to another.  She is great. Ruby, brings a lot to the table and should stay.  Lavon should be with her and not with Lemon. []

Tuesday Night TV (30 Oct 2012)

Oh my lord, they should just make it official that they are dating now cause, let’s face it, they are. And it was good that between the pair of them, that was established. I love the introduction of the girl who is totally going to be George’s new thing. So far, I like her. She has a strong characterization that already makes her incredibly different from both Lemon and Zoe, which I think the writers and casting directors were going for. And []