Tuesday Night TV (27 Nov 2012)

BLOGGERS NOTE: First and foremost I would like to apologize for the format of these TV Reviews tonight.  Finals coming up soon!

  • Wade (Wilson Bethel) lot’s of character growth

  • Zoe (Rachel Bilson) annoying, but in a good way, she cares a lot about Lavon (Cress Williams)
    • I love Zoe and how her character goes form doing one thing to another.  She is great.
  • Ruby, brings a lot to the table and should stay.  Lavon should be with her and not with Lemon.
  • Lemon, her character has grown since the first season, which is more than I can say than her sister.
    • +strong +determined +independent
    • -nosey –still sneaky –a little selfish
  • Plot: George and Wade, their just hilarious and I love how they are, best friends despite everything they have gone through.  Ruby leaving, or not leaving, showed the various sides of Zoe Hart.
  • Magnolia is still a spoiled brat and I don’t like her, her character leaves so much to be desired, no growth in her character at all for the most part, she had a redeeming moment, but her character needs to grow a lot more for me to actually like her.
  • Great episode, but Zoe was great.
  • Lemon and Zoe bonding = great!  Changes the dynamic of competition.
  • Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on CW
  • omg the opening sequence of the show was hilarious
  • nick and I have something in common
    • he want to write a zombie novel just like me and we are both putting off.
  • Jess is hilarious “give my nipples a purpose” oh god, priceless.
  • I love Jess and Nick, they are totally getting together…eventually, all the foundation has been been laid between them, I love it.
  • Hemingway descriptions = PURE HILARITY!!
  • Schimt and his boss, that was great, for the short time that it lasted; revelation of Schidt loving Cece, not so much a revelation
    • obvious
  • Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on FOX
  • acting is phenomenal
  • time period show
  • the concept is interesting but is lacking a bit in substance
  • I find it hard to stay interested even though I love the concept and the cast
  • starting to feel like any other crime show
  • I was expecting something different
  • some of the dialogue feels like empty/dead dialogue
  • Tuesdays @ 10PM EST on CBS

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