ASA rejects Hitman ad complaints

By: Mark Walton The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has rejected complaints filed against a recent Hitman: Absolution trailer. According to the ASA ruling, a total of two complaints were logged, which challenged whether the advert was “offensive,” “distressing,” and “socially irresponsible,” The “Attack of the Saints” trailer–which depicted highly sexualised, PVC-clad nuns being killed–was the subject of much criticism in the press and on social … Continue reading ASA rejects Hitman ad complaints

Square Enix opens ad-supported streaming game service

By: Connor Sheridan A new service from Square Enix offers console-quality games in browsers, and its intermittent commercial breaks hearken back to television roots. The publisher today announced Coreonline, a browser-based gaming service which runs games natively within Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The service’s business model supports purchases as well as intermittent video advertisements. Hitman: Blood Money and Mini Ninjasare the first two titles … Continue reading Square Enix opens ad-supported streaming game service

Deus Ex movie in the works

By: Eddie Makuch Square Enix’s action franchise Deus Ex is heading to Hollywood. GameSpot parent company business unit CBS Films announced today that it has secured the rights to make a movie based on 2011’s well-received Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The untitled Deus Ex film will be produced by Roy Lee (The Departed, The Ring) and Andrian Askarieh (Hitman). John P. Middleton, who is working … Continue reading Deus Ex movie in the works