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Jay Park to Host “Saturday Night Live Korea” This Week

By: thunderstix Jay Park has been selected as the next host for the popular live comedy show, “Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea).” According to local reports, Jay Park will host the December 1 show of “SNL Korea,” and show off his many skills in stand-up comedy and acting. In particular, it’s being reported that he’s ready to shed his “idol image” for a more “adult-content-suited” character for this show. Jay Park is known to be a huge fan of the original []

Professional dancers pick the best idol dancers [NEWS]

A team of professional dancers have made their picks of the best dancers among idol groups. On the June 26 broadcast of MBC’s Show Champion, a team of professional dancers were surveyed on who the best dancers were among idol groups. Despite a competitive pool, the top four that were selected were Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, former After School member Kahi and Hyuna from 4Minute. The four beat out some other well-known dancing machines including U-Know Yunho of DBSK (TVXQ), MBLAQ’s []

Jay Parks talks about 2NE1 & BIGBANG @ 120507 Yahoo Philippines Interview!

You recently collaborated with U-KISS. You wrote a a song for them for their newest album. Are you willing to collaborate with YG artists like G-Dragon, Taeyang and 2NE1? (From @Bingu T.O.P., Jo Nessa, and @teymomeh) JAY: I would LOVE to collaborate with them because they’re my favorite group—2NE1. I have a lot of respect for Big Bang because they are all very talented. I even went to their concert. We have a mutual respect because we both do the same genre []