A Superficial & Slightly Shallow Gothic Tale | Review of ‘The Dolls’ (The Dolls, #1)

By Cynthia Ayala

‘The Dolls’ by Kiki Sullivan
Balzer + Bray

Eveny Cheval has gone from the big city, New York, to move back to her childhood home in Louisiana with her aunt Bea, a place she hasn’t seen since her mother’s suicide fourteen years ago. But her home town has a dark side, one that is connected to her mother’s death and the popularity of the Dolls, the pretty powerful girls at her new school. Something is wrong in her hometown and it’s up to her to fix it and save lives.

The Dolls is the first novel in The Dolls series, a young adult southern gothic tale by Kiki Sullivan. Published on September 2, 2014 by Balzer + Bray the novel follows one young girl as she goes traverses life between magic and high school.
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Weekly Reading List #18

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there readers! So this may be my last really good reading list since I will be starting school next week at Emerson provided that the tropical storm/hurricane does not impede my journey. Since I will be starting school I will mostly be reading school books and ebooks so my reading lists may fluctuate a lot. As for what you can expect in reviews, well there might be a lag here or there since I will also be working 2 jobs and have probably bunches of school work. Ah school, you are so necessary and time consuming. I will be returning to Emerson leaving FL on my 24th birthday (there could be worse birthday’s right?) and hopefully I will get to read everything that I want to read outside of school and work on my side projects and bracelets. On the bright side, I’ll be waking up early because I have to…wait, is that a bright side?

Anyway, you’ve had enough of my rambling so here are the books I hope to read this coming week. And, as always, all synopsis’ are courtesy of Goodreads. Happy reading!
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