love triangle

Tuesday Night TV (30 Oct 2012)

Oh my lord, they should just make it official that they are dating now cause, let’s face it, they are. And it was good that between the pair of them, that was established. I love the introduction of the girl who is totally going to be George’s new thing. So far, I like her. She has a strong characterization that already makes her incredibly different from both Lemon and Zoe, which I think the writers and casting directors were going for. And []

B2ST Doojoon’s role for ‘IRIS 2′ finalized

By: jennywill Previously, it had been reported that Doojoon‘s role in ‘IRIS 2‘ was confirmed, and that he would be playing agent Yoon Shi Hyuk. However that was just speculation and plans have now been finalized, and it has been revealed that he will actually be playing Seo Hyun Woo, an NSS elite agent. Seo Hyun Woo is a confident, bright agent who is adept at everything including shooting, martial arts, code breaking, and foreign languages. Not only that, but he will []

Friday Night TV (19 Oct 2012)

So that took multiple personalities to another level. It was great. The scientific structure and character design was amazing. CGI effects need to be worked on a bit more, but over all, I like it. It’s very amazing. I love this show. Missed Rosalee but the interaction between Monroe and the Captain, yeah that was amazing. On another note, the plot twist carried from last season is amazing. It allows for a lot of tension to build up, and I mean a []

Week 34 2012 Pt. 2

Teen Titans #12 Armored Up & Out Ultimately, Cassie should end up with Tim. I know! I’m such a wishy-washy some times (don’t judge – I’m a chick). now that being said this is a geisha you. I really like the character development and I love kid flash. he simply an adorable character. it’s a great teen you have Kid Flash, Bunker & solstice who all balance each other out and then you have Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl who equally []

Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices Trilogy: Book 2)

Captivating, gut-wrenching, a simply masterful book.  Every emotion portrayed within the pages of this book, I felt.  These characters jumped off the pages.  I will admit there were times in which I was bored, but over all, half way through it I was trapped.  Tried as I might I could not put the book down, not even to write my own.  There was a lot of character development in the novel, I simply loved it.  The love triangle as well, however cliché []

Allison Janney, William Hurt, And Somehow Katie Holmes Starring In Chekov Adaptation

Broadway productions of Anton Chekov’s The Seagull have attracted big-name casts in the past, with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and Carey Mulligan all starring together in a recent rendition of the classic play. And now that a version of The Seagull is heading to the screen, an equally high-profile list of names has signed on– though with at least one totally inexplicable casting choice thrown in there for good measure. According to Variety, actor Christian Camargo will be making his directorial debut []

Wednesday Night TV (4 Apr 2012)

Yay!  I am happy that Penny may have finally realized that she has feelings for Dave.  I would really like to see her and Dave date because as fun as Alex’s character is there is little to no character development in her character and I just don’t think that right now she is a good fit for Dave.  I feel more chemistry between Dave & Penny.  In any case, this was a really good episode, a place where we really got to []

Monday Night TV (30 Jan 2012)

I love Sam Neill.  He is such a brilliant actor, he can change his skin to fit his character in such a believable way.  Once again I must applaud the concept behind this show.  It’s both original and exhilarating.  I really like it.  I also love the flashbacks because they give us insights into who the criminals are.  I really like this show.  J. J. Abrams is awesome!  The pace of this show is so fast, when an hour past I had []

Monday Night TV [cont.] (23 Jan 2012)

This was a fun episode.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am however still sick and tired of the back and forth writing of Chuck and Blair.  Bleh, so tired of it.  Like I said last week: OVERKILL!  Ugh so annoyed.  Anyway, I would like to applaud the nice story telling of the episode.  I liked the turn of Beatrice as well as the overall plot line (minor exception being B + C *puke face*).  We got to have a little more insight []

Monday Night TV [cont.] (16 Jan 2012)

I am so sick and tired of the Blair and Chuck love thing.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  There is a limit to as to how much you can milk something and this one has been so over milked.  There are other characters to this show, but for some reason they have decided to make this story centralize around Chuck and Blair.  Bleh!  I am so sick of it!!  The story lines outside of the realm of Blair and Chuck are still good, I like []