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A Spellbinding Conclusion | Review of ‘Immerse’ (Mer Chronicles #3)

Immerse brings Tobie Easton’s Mer Chronicles to riveting end filled with action, fantastic storytelling and incredible characters full of complex beauty.

Book of the Month Poll – July 2018

New month means new books are coming out. So check out these ten titles and vote for your favorite title to win July’s book of the month title. Winner gets a featured book review.

Weekly Reading List #92

Can’t decide what to read next? Check out these titles and see if they tickle your fancy. The newest from Cassandra Clare, a retelling with Norse mythology, and a band of thieves and crooks not trying to be heroes, just trying to survive. Check them out right here.

Weekly Reading List #91

Can’t decide what to read next? How about something with fairies? Or maybe something with dragons? What about mermaids? Check out these titles and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

June Book of the Month Poll

Hey there book lovers, another month means another poll. Check out these 10 novels coming out in June and vote for your favorite. Remember, if you want your book to win and get a feature book review and promotional post, share and tell your friends to vote.