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Tag: poetry

Book of the Month Poll – March 2018

New month means new books are coming out. So check out these ten titles and vote for your favorite title to win March’s book of the month title.

Falling Darkness ©

Falling… Falling… Falling down And then my heart beats And then it stops And I’m no longer falling But floating in darkness My screams echo through the air My hair wraps and tangles Intertwining with my fingers And I pull … Continue Reading Falling Darkness ©

Longings ©

A kiss A touch A love A life Holding me Whispering into my hair Telling me you love me Do you? I can’t grasp it The tangiability Of your emotions I can’t grasp I want to Want to hold you … Continue Reading Longings ©

Torn in Two©

There are two I can’t let one go And be with the other And yet with both I find myself drawn But I can’t have both And I can’t lose both. Knees buckle Both stare at me And I can’t … Continue Reading Torn in Two©

Skin Deep©

It cracked and fractured Inch by inch At first there was nothing All was smooth and glossy But the reflection that greeted her Was darkening The eyes turned black Then red inched in Looking up She was starting to forget … Continue Reading Skin Deep©