Resident Evil: Retribution

If you ask me (which maybe you are if you’re here – maybe you’re just curious) Resident Evil: Afterlife was a way better movie.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, this was a decent enough movie, a little better than Resident Evil: Extinction and well way better than Resident Evil: Apocalypse.  But I digress.  This movie was way to short, only an hour and a … Continue reading Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil Saga (Reviews and Commentary)

Resident Evil.  We all know about this franchise.  There was a viral outbreak that allowed the dead to reanimate.  Zombies.  It’s not something that is new, but rather over done.  Zombie movies are usually something you watch when you’re in the mood for a bad/good movie.  A movie so bad that it’s good.  Resident Evil changed that.  Based off the games by Capcom, Resident Evil … Continue reading Resident Evil Saga (Reviews and Commentary)