The Perfect Pitch | Review of ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

By: Cynthia Ayala

'Pitch Perfect 2' starring Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson
‘Pitch Perfect 2’ starring Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson
Universal Pictures

Three years have passed since the Barden Bellas proved that they were just as good as the boys when they became the first all-female group to win a national title. But after a disastrous performance at the Lincoln Center leads to scandal, the school strips them of their performing duties. All seems lost until they are given one last chance: win the cappella world championships in Denmark and they will be reinstated. Can the girls get their act together or will they lose everything?

This film is, in one word, perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 delivers great laughs with a down to earth tone and amazing musical mash-ups. This was just an amazing film that recaptured the humor from the first film and brought it another level. These girls are seniors now, with their futures very close on the horizon and their fears are getting to them. After their debacle of a performance, their fears are rising. Being a cappella girl is what these girls have mastered in, so with their chance to continue performing in their last year, they are losing a pivotal part to enjoy their senior year.
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