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A Chilling Revival of Gothic Horror | Review of The Woman in Black

By: Cynthia Ayala

Arthur Kipps was sent to a small town of Crythin Gifford to collect the documents of the recently deceased Alice Drablow. But in a house that is secluded and separated from the small little town by a deadly marsh that with tides that rise and fall, Kipps is trapped in the secluded house. Or so he thinks. Night after night, he finds himself haunted by sounds throughout the house, by a woman in black who appears around the house, wondering the grounds, disappearing as silently. However, seeing her has a deadly price and Kipps will be lucky to leave the land alive.

The Woman in Black, first published on October 10, 1983 by Hamish Hamilton, is a gothic ghost story written by Susan Hill. The novel follows the memories of Arthur Kipps as he relives his own real life ghost story at the insistence of his wife and children one Christmas Holiday. Relieving his memories, he recounts his encounter with the Woman in Black, the vengeful spirit of Eel Marsh house.
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