This was such a great movie!  The sweetness and nostalgia in this movie was amazing.  Not sure if this movie is really for kids but oh well, I loved it.  I mean I loved it.  The fact that it was in black and white was awesome, it gave it such a nostalgic feeling, I mean the godzilla reference was awesome!  I loved this movie so much.  It was sweet, sad and adorable.  I loved everything about this movie.  The characterization, the animation []

Friday Night TV (5 Oct 2012)

I love this show. I loved the dichotomy between Olivia and her daughter. It was such a twist to see her daughter be so different from her and, you know what, Olivia reminds me of Wonder Woman, yup, I went there an I said that. I mean the way her character has been written, Anna Torv is a great actress and I love her, she has this fragile strength that makes her so likable and realistic and amazing. I also love her []

[Now Hiring] Full-Time Assistant Editor/Assistant Position

By: allkpop 6Theory is looking for talented, high-motivated individuals who are fluent in both Korean and English to fill full-time Assistant Editor / Assistant position to work out of Edgewater, NJ headquarters. If you are a responsible individual who is able to work independently and possess strong communication and writing skills, then we want you to apply. Assistant Editor The Assistant Editor is responsible for helping in overseeing allkpop’s editorial content and community. You will report directly to the VP of Content []

Ingredients for Big Black Holes Detected in Milky Way’s Core

By: Charles Q. Choi Scientists investigated our galaxy’s central molecular zone, which contains the most massive, densest, and most turbulent molecular clouds in the Milky Way. These surround the heart of our galaxy, which is suspected to be home to a supermassive black hole about 4 million times the mass of the sun. The central molecular zones of galaxies crowd lots of gas close together, making them good places for stars to form. To learn more about these lively regions, scientists used []

Big Things Have Small Beginnings – The Connection Between Prometheus And Alien

By: Will Chadwick By now many people have had the chance to make their mind up about Prometheus. They have also had all those questions answered that were posed by the trailers and the marketing, the main question being:how does the film connect to the rest of the Alien franchise? Well, it’s complicated, as the film doesn’t really give you all the answers and only hints towards things that, down the line, sequels may or may not answer. That being said, I’m []

Light from Alien Super-Earth Seen for 1st Time

BLOGGERS NOTE:  This was just so amazing to me I had to share it. By: Tariq Malik | Light from an alien “super-Earth” twice the size of our own Earth has been detected by a NASA space telescope for the first time in what astronomers are calling a historic achievement. NASA’s infrared Spitzer Space Telescope spotted light from the alien planet 55 Cancri e, which orbits a star 41 light-years from Earth. A day on the extrasolar planet lasts just 18 []

The One-Child Policy stays until 2015

Okay, so I was reading this article about a Chinese National, a Chinese Olympic Gold Metalist named Tian Liang.  He had a second child, and authorities in China are investigating him for violating the, somewhat understandable, barbaric law.  I understand that there is a great overpopulation in China, I mean I believe that there is a overpopulation in the world in general.  But I think it does more harm than good.  I mean I believe that it puts such a strain on []

Big Bang #1 in Popularity Survey for First Half of 2012 [NEWS]

A survey was conducted by Lees PR, where in a total of 1,329 people were asked who the popular celebrities are for the first half of 2012. From the evaluation of male singers, Big Bang, a group that is actively supported not only in Korea but also in Japan, America, etc., came in first at 18.1%. They beat Lee Seunggi (11.3%), 2PM (8.1%), Rain (6.9%), and 2AM (5.7%). Shinhwa, who came back after four years on the 23rd of last month with []

Friday Night TV (13 Apr 2012)

Hehe, see what I did there?  Changed the picture to coincide with the show.  Anyway, this was a very good episode, I am still very happy that they have decided to go more in depth into Earth-2.  And now that we have a better understanding of Bolivia (Earth-2 Olivia) I don’t hate her so much anymore, although here she doesn’t have a love child with Peter so that changes her character a lot.  I also like the fact that Agent Lee is []

Surprising Things You Can Get for Free

By Woman’s Day | Financially Fit – Wed, Mar 14, 2012 6:48 PM EDT Expert computer help If you’ve ever had a computer problem and wanted to pull out your hair in frustration, this is for you. Need to solve a hardware glitch? Want to learn how to use HTML? Submit your question at and you’ll get a pretty prompt answer e-mailed to you from a volunteer expert. Why’s it free? It’s no secret that many computer manufacturers provide mediocre support []