Friday Night TV (18 Jan 2013)

What a great way to end the series.  I was sad to see September die…again, but, as before, it was impactful and the whole ending made me want to cry.  All the risks, all the tension and stakes, everything that they lost, and everything they discovered was wrapped up neatly within this two hour season finale.  It was just a beautiful ending.  The structure of … Continue reading Friday Night TV (18 Jan 2013)


Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Poster Giveaway Contest

By: Erren Van Duine December 18th will be marking the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy, and to celebrate we’re giving out some official themed posters! Originally available only at Pax Prime this past September, Square Enix has provided us with a sizable collection of these Yoshitaka Amano designed posters. As part of our first contest in a series of more to come, we’ll be giving you … Continue reading Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Poster Giveaway Contest

G-Dragon Collaborates with Ludacris [NEWS]

A spokesperson stated, “G-Dragon’s collaboration with Ludacris was finished at the end of last year. This work will most likely be in G-Dragon’s new solo album that is planned to come out this summer and Ludacris will participate in the album by featuring in one of GD’s songs. We hope many look forward to the results, as G-Dragon has worked with world-wide musicians“. Ludacris showed … Continue reading G-Dragon Collaborates with Ludacris [NEWS]