Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu Releases Solo Debut MV “60 Seconds”

By: Sylphid Infinite‘s leader Kim Sung Kyu has revealed his debut solo music video for “60 Seconds” today. The song is the title track of his first solo album “Another Me,” which will be released this week. Composed by Sweet Tune, the song is about being able to fall in love and also break up within sixty seconds. In the music video, fellow Infinite member L plays the lead role. Along with the title track “60 Seconds,” other songs included are “Another Me,” “I Need You,” Only Tears (acoustic version)”, “Shine” and “41 []

INFINITE’s Sunggyu unveils his solo debut single “Shine”

By: carolicity In addition to being the leader of INFINITE, Sunggyu now stands before his fans as a solo artist as he has just released his first solo single! After the release of several hints and an audio preview earlier, Sunggyu has unveiled his single “Shine“, which he created with the help of Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan. With this project, the singer ventures into a genre outside of INFINITE’s style and further shows his passion and talent for music. Give it a listen below! Source: allkpop