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Maggie Grace Confirmed For Taken 3 – CinemaBlend.com

By: Sean O’Connell A flustered Bruce Willis, running around in Die Hard 2, recognizes the ludicrousness of this given situation – having to deal with lethal terrorists once again – and mutters, “How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?” Don’t the actors responsible for the ongoing Taken series feel the same way by now[…] Read full article here: http://www.cinemablend.com/m/new/Maggie-Grace-Confirmed-Taken-3-42074.html

Taken 2

OMG!!!!! Can I just say, informally, that this movie was so freaking awesome!!! I mean, seriously, don’t even bother with reviews, if you like action and Liam Neeson see this movie. That being said, time to be a little more formal. Taken 2 is the sequel to Taken where Liam Neeson’s daughter was kidnapped and put in the sex trade. I don’t need to give a lot of detail because it’s all online but that piece of detail is essential because it []

Taken 3 Is Happening, According To A Producer

By: Eric EIsenberg Taken 2 cost only $45 million to make and in just four days has already made a domestic total of $55 million (not to mention its international take of $67 million). Therefore, this news should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Hollywood.com had the opportunity to speak with producer Robert Mark Kamen, who produced both Taken and Taken 2, and he confirmed that the big box office take for the sequel has convinced the filmmakers behind it to []

If Non-Stop Is A Speed Knockoff, Julianne Moore Is Sandra Bullock

By: Katey Rich With Taken 2 currently dominating theaters after making an incredible $50 million this weekend, now’s a great time for Liam Neeson to start setting up his next project– and, as you might expect by now, he’ll be putting his action skills to the test again. He’s already set to lead Non-Stop, a thriller in which he’ll play an air marshal responding to mysterious threats against the lives of the passengers on board. Now an actress has hopped on board []