The Secret Circle

Sarah Connor Chronicle’s Thomas Dekker Joins Plush

By: Kelly West Things may not have worked out for the CW’s The Secret Circle, but at the very least, the show’s cancellation likely opened up star Thomas Dekker’s schedule. The actor has signed on to join the cast of Plush, joining Cam Gigandet, Emily Browning and Dawn Olivieri in the thriller. Co-written and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Plush stars Browning as a rock star on the rise, who loses her brother in a drug overdose and, in addition to trying to []

The CW Cancels Ringer And Secret Circle, Orders Five Dramas Including Arrow And Carrie Diaries

By: Kelly West Word has come down regarding the CW’s freshman dramas Hart of Dixie, Ringerand The Secret Circle. It’s good news for one of the series and bad for the other two. It’s also been reported that the network has picked up five new drama series to add to their line-up next season. First, the bad news. TVLine has reported that Ringer has been cancelled. The series, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, had some great moments and though I’ll admit I []

Thursday Night TV (19 Apr 2012)

Great episode.  I like seeing how the connections or working within in this show.  I simply love it.  Anyway Keifer Sutherland is amazing as always.  He is an actor who knows how to make connections with his cast members and to me every emotion that he feels is expressed in his voice, his body language and his facial expressions.  That’s why I love it.  I also love that every actor they have gotten so far is able to make a fast connection []

Thursday Night TV (22 Mar 2012)

Although I am happy that they finally added Meredith into the series, the way that they went about it bothers me, I mean the way that she just keeps everything to herself until the very last minute bothers me.  I don’t like that cause that doesn’t help situations.  Anyway, I love Damon.  I do love hoe different Caroline is from the books, I love her character way more than I ever did in the books.  Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to []

The Secret Circle Vol. 2

Good book, I prefer it to the tv show but the ending was too fast, it was just sped out far to much and a little wishy washy the way everything was happening.  I wanted more out the ending especially the way the story was building up, the ending was just a disappointment.  I wanted so much more!  There was just so much I wanted out of the ending, I wanted this epic battle to rage and take place and have be []

Thursday Night TV (15 Mar 2012)

I love the contrast in Damon’s character and I love how the connection has just been made stronger between Stefan and Damon.  I love how this episode focused more on them than it did Elena.  It gave more depth to their already deep characters and the flashbacks into 1912 were done brilliantly.  Such an interesting storyline, I love it.  But now I’m worried about Jeremy.  Such an intense show, no offence, but I think it’s a tad better than True Blood.  Don’t []

Thursday Night TV (9 Feb 2012)

I love Elijah.  And you know what, Klaus did not piss me off in the beginning.  It was also really sweet of Klaus to get Caroline that dress.  It was truly touching.  I understand Rebekah’s anger so I can’t really fault her character.  Starting to feel bad for Klaus.  Oh dear is there a return for Damon returning to who he used to be.  Oh dear.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Anyway this was a very well written episode.  []

Thursday Night TV [cont.] (2 Feb 2012)

I just have to say, go Elijah, hell yeah!  I would also like to note, poor Caroline.  This was a really good heartfelt episode.  I still loved the writing, it’s phenomenal, especially when you’ve read the books.  I mean the books are good, but they are merely flowers before a bloom compared to the books.  I also love the character development and the parallels this show creates in comparison to the books.  Screenplay writers are brilliant with what they’ve done but it []

Thursday Night TV (10 Nov 2011)

Oh how I love this show.  You know I have grown quite fond of the character Rebekah (played by Claire Holt).  I get why she is angry with her father and I get why she is still bonded to her brother, I can understand why she loves him.  Also, glad I finally know where Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev) is.  I love Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder), he is still my favorite character.  I love and hate Mikael (played by Sebastian Roché) []

Thursday Night TV (3 Nov 2011)

Woah, interesting back story here, I really love where they are taking this plot line.  I hated Rebekah (played by Claire Holt) but now, this story line made ache not just for her but for Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) as well.  So much intrigue and mystery in this episode, and the past of the family made my heart ache.  This was such a brilliantly done episode, I mean I don’t think I can say it any easier than that.  Still hate []