Another hard book to critique.  This book is about the concept of Utopia, the idea of a coexisting uniform.  Just think 1984.  There are so many extreme ideas in this book, but for the most part in this society, they seem to work.  A lot of them are very extreme and I think, believe rather, is that Sir Thomas More was mocking his society.  Think of it, during his time there were so many wars, kingss fighting to perfect their nation and []

Monday Night TV (17 Sept 2012)

Boom shakalaka (yeah that’s light my catch phrase now so fyi).  In any case this was a great show.  However, I feel as though is is a bit like Jericho was, in the style and plot POV.  I mean the cast here is amazing, I love how the characters were here.  They were awesome, fighters, but at the same time, you could tell when one of them was scared.  They were relatable, realistic characters.  And the plot for the most point was []