UtopiaAnother hard book to critique.  This book is about the concept of Utopia, the idea of a coexisting uniform.  Just think 1984.  There are so many extreme ideas in this book, but for the most part in this society, they seem to work.  A lot of them are very extreme and I think, believe rather, is that Sir Thomas More was mocking his society.  Think of it, during his time there were so many wars, kingss fighting to perfect their nation and bring to it, unify it.  That’s a topic very relatable today if you think about it, as sad as it sounds.  I mean it’s a great book.  A bit dry admittedly but the content itself is amazing.  I mean I loved it so much.  This is a great novel and I recommend that everyone read it.  I’ve read it twice, once in high school for fun and just recently for my British Literature class.  The more you read it, the more you absorb.  It’s a great novel.  4/4 ‘s and an “A+”.

Avaliable wherever books are sold.


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