CW Network–Retro Weekends

The weekends can be very boring for some who are just to tired to go out.  With work and school and all the things I busy myself with, my idea of a good time is simply going to the bookstore, picking up a book sitting in the café and reading.  That’s me, it’s what I like to do in life, I like to read (if … Continue reading CW Network–Retro Weekends

NBC Network . . . YOU SUCK!

They are cancelling The Cape, oh wait it has already been cancelled.  Ya know, this network, should just not do Super Heroes, they don’t get them.  So the actors need to deal with what they are given and in my opinion, they did a super great job.  So they cancelled it.  Which, really, really sucks.   On another displeasing note I have just seen the … Continue reading NBC Network . . . YOU SUCK!