There Is No 13th Constellation — RELAX!!!

Okay so a lot of people I know do not like this, I’m not even thrilled and that has more to do with the erronous explanation that some astronomers give us (FYI Not All Astronomers Like This Theory & Ignore It). Look the universe is expanding, and not in a uniform rate, imagine it like a blob, growing and growing, some parts get bigger than others faster tight. Also, the molecules are moving away from each other but still stay withing their general area, those are the stars. The 12 Constellations are on the Elliptical, now if you look at a star graph, it’s this ellipse shape with those twelve constellations on that line. Because the universe is expanding, the starts are moving away from each other, growing farther apart put still within the line because that line is like a rubber band, growing. Because of that, we can see more into space, further out. That so called 13th Constellation, is further out in the galaxy, not on the elliptical, we can simply see it now because the 12 (and only) Zodiac Constellations are simply moving further out — WHILE STAYING ON THE ELLIPTICAL! Those astronomers when they came up with this theory, ignored all that, and all the variables in space. They are ignoring what they were taught when they gained those degrees. They are thinking very narrowmindedly and don’t seem to be that bright. So don’t worry everyone, there is no 13th Constellation, your sign is what it is. Spread the word, there is nothing to worry about.

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