Florida Sun Pass : Jobs Lost, Reckless Future

Stupidest thing ever.  So far, one hundred and eighty people have lost their jobs.  Why do I think this thing is stupid.  I’ll explain further.

I get why people hate traffic, it’s pain, you’re out there in the sun in your car and barely moving and I also understand that it is also a waste of gas.  Here’s the thing though, people are now losing their jobs, and in Florida, trust me form experience, it sucks to be searching for a job here because stupid Rick Scott is an idiot.  People are losing jobs let and right, it’s a fact of life here.  I know people who have been laid off, I know people searching for jobs.  It’s hard.  Even with experience, it’s just difficult.  But now, one hundred and eighty people have been laid off.  People with families and bills.  You think unemployment is enough to cover those things, it’s not.

Lets not forget all those reckless drivers out there who will use that sun pass to just speed on by.  How many accidents are going to happen?  I mean, on the Express Way, people speed, a lot.  Everywhere, in any state.  People just do, so they can continue to speed and speed and speeding waste gas more than just sitting waiting to go.  I don’t know about you but I would rather sit in traffic than worry about speeders and accidents.  I guess I care about living to see old age.

Another point I would like to make it this one.  Those cards are a flat rate of $5.  That’s it. Only $5.  Okay, so who’s going to pay if it breaks down hmm?  At least that money that was paid, provided the money for checks and maintenance.  That money paid maintenance workers and electricians to maintain the equipment and service it.  Now where is the money going to come from?  Well from the state right and taxes right?  Well that would be easier if Rick Scott weren’t so adamant on trying to lower taxes.  So again where is the money going to come from.

Here’s something else.  Something un-fair.  If you don’t by a Sun Pass and need to go pass them, your license picture is taken and you are sent a receipt to pay $20 and are possibly sent a monthly bill.  Talk about unjustified.  I only go down that way once a year or two, and I know people who do it the same way, so, there really isn’t a point to buying the damn Sun Pass.  I’m no journalist, and I don’t pretend to be one, but I’m simply voicing my opinions and hoping that I am heard.

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