Lindsey Lohan : Put Her Jail Already!

With all the things that this chick has done, you would think that she would be in jail by now.  Any other celebrities like Rob Lowe and Robert Downey Jr. were thrown in jail.  And those are only two examples.  Why is it she hasn’t been thrown in jail?  It’s stupid.  It’s not fair but that’s our justice system for ya, taking it easy on her because she’s a girl.  How stupid is that!  I’m a girl and I don’t think it’s fair.  This girl is not going to clean up her act unless she begins to suffer the consequences of it.  And if everyone keeps giving her a pass she never is going to clean up her act.  She doesn’t really believe that she has a problem because if she did one of her rehab treatments would have worked by now but no, they haven’t and she is still messing up her life.  And now she’s seriously trying to fight that theft charge.  Like hello!  Dude you were caught on camera stealing, deal with it, you did something bad so just accept your punishment, stop acting like a spoiled brat thinking you can just bat your eyes and plead and get away with it.  Oh wait, apparently she can since that’s all that’s been happening.  And hello, you’re a public figure, you can’t sue them for selling that video.  As a public figure, you gave up the right to keep your profile private.  Deal with it.

I just need to say this okay.  Put her in jail okay.  If you keep giving her a pass and if you’re not going to punish her, then wow, you’re stupid.  It’s not fair, and she’ll never learn.  Freaking make her learn from her mistakes, it’s only fair.  I’m so sick and tired of her getting away with crap.  You made your darn bed so lie in it.

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