Film Rights Update on Blue is for Nightmares Book Series by Laurie Stolarz

According to a recent e-newsletter from Laurie, there are talks of turning the Blue is for Nightmares series into a TV show.  In my opinion that may be a little better than turning it into a movie because that way they have more time to involve more of the book, show more character development, and turn one book into possibly 2 season.  Laurie creates a lot of suspense in her books so it would be do-able, and it would suck people in like it did in the books.  That’s why I would finish the books in a day, I couldn’t put them down, I needed to know what was going to happen next.  Anyway, here is was Laurie had to say herself:

The BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series is being pitched to TV networks this spring for a series. Ashley Tisdale’s production company is behind the pitch as well as Persistent Entertainment. Right now, both parties are working on getting someone to frontline a possible show, then comes pitching time. If it jumps that hurdle, we’ll be preparing a pilot. Of course there’s a ton of competition and it’s probably a long shot, but this is really exciting news and a lot of you have been asking. And, even if nothing comes of this, it’s been an absolute thrill to be involved in the process. The producer I’ve been working with has kept me in the loop, having me talk to different screenwriters and hear out their ideas. It’s been a blast!”

Personally I think that CW is probably the best network for the job, they seem to have good integrity for other peoples work because so far, adaptations that I’ve seen are exceptionally good.  Anyway, here is a place to share your ideas!  Comment below and tell the world and lets hear what ideas you’ve got.  If you’re a fan like me, I’m sure that you must be buzzing with them.

8 thoughts on “Film Rights Update on Blue is for Nightmares Book Series by Laurie Stolarz

  1. honestly think that Ashley would be a horrible choice for movie rights, “Blondie production” just wouldn’t be right at all for such a series like blue is for nightmares. you need some one who knows how to produce and knows what there actually doing by experience. same with the director and i also disagree with it being a tv show. i think it would be a fail in the first season just like the secret circle. it would be better as a movie series i think it be a big hit like twilight and hunger games ect. the books where written for a movie not seasons there just isn’t enough books, and the plot would be to slow for a tv series. i hope some one else grabs the rights and knows its best as a film. the character developing would be good on its own if they cast the right people. that fit them perfect. best thing to do is wait another year or to for the right production and MOVIE rights. then it will be going places

    1. I think with the right writing team it could work as a television show. The secret circle flooped on a great many reasons, mainly they crapped all over the novel. however it could work amazingly well for a movie as well. As long as Laura has a lot of input into the project and it goes her way the way she intends the book to be portrayed on screen it could work. Personally I would prefer to see it as a movie even wrote my own screenplay adaptation for out, but as long as it hasa good writing team that respects Laura and the books it could work as a television series. Also a good cast full of people who can act and have good chemistry with one another is essential. You made a lot of great points thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Omg,i love this book series. I hope it does become a television series because movies would never be good enough for this amazing series. I think that the cw will be the perfect network for this series too and if they dont make bifn a tv series then they are idiots.

  3. Omg!! I seriously can’t waitt! I’m going to read the books over again to get everything right! 🙂 and my idea is, it can be on Fridays and on the CW! 🙂 I just hope the tv series FOLLOWS THE BOOKS. Because, if it doesn’t everything would be out of place and confusing!

  4. I know this post was from seven months ago, but I really love the BIFN series and REALLY want it to become a tv show/movie. I agree that it would make a better television series because I feel like the overall suspense, character building, plot events etc. would be shown more in a tv series than in just 4 or 5 movies.

    I love this series- I first read them in 2005/2006. Red and Black came out after I started Blue/White. Silver is my favorite but closely followed by White- how about you?

    I think that the series would work best if the actors who played major characters (Stacey, Drea, Jacob, etc.) were not well known. I think it could work if some more minor characters were played by somewhat well known actors but its not ideal.

    Either way I really hope it the pitch will be approved/was approved and it will be a tv show soon! =)

      1. Ya- Silver is awesome. =) They’re all awesome- Blue is for Nightmares is my favorite series ever as well as Harry Potter. If it does become a TV show i hope that they do it well and are accurate with the stories. I saw on Laurie’s website that there’s more information to come on how the pitch went soon- hopefully the news is good!

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