Newest Superman Movie : MOVE ON ALREADY!

I think everyone by now who reads my blog knows that I love Superman, not as much as Batman but my three favourite heroes in the DC Universe are Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman.  I don’t like what they’re doing here.  We have our Superman movies.  We had Christopher Reeve who was and will always be the embodiment of Superman.  I get that they want to move away from him but come on, we already have a Superman movie trilogy if you take into account Superman Returns takes place exactly after Superman II (The Richard Donner Cut).  We have our trilogy and we’re about to have our newest Batman Trilogy, move on already.  There is no need to reboot Superman, none at all.  Everyone knows about it, everyone has seen it.  It was Christopher Reeve, and he first and foremost will forever be Superman.

We have hundreds of superheroes in the DC Universe.  At least this is where Marvel got it right.  They are going from one hero to another to another, with prequels and sequels and group movies.  They are doing it right, for the most part, they didn’t need to reboot Spider-Man anymore than we need to reboot Superman.  It’s just, move on already.

I saw a picture of the actor, I was not pleased, he didn’t say “I’m Superman”.  Nothing about him makes me want to see the movie.  I just don’t.  An Diane Lane as Ma Kent?  No, that just doesn’t work for me.  I don’t like that either and I like her, I think she’s a very talented actress, I just don’t see her as a Me Kent.  I don’t like that they are rebooting Superman.  It’s not needed, they shouldn’t do it plain and simple.  I think you all can surmise that I will not be seeing this movie.  Not worth my money.

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