l8r, g8r (An Internet Girls Novel)

l8r, g8r

Will the winsome threesome get torn apart their Senior year?  Or will friendship triumph?

Great book, so glad I finally got around to reading it.  This book wasn’t like those other teen drama books where the totally outrageous happen that would never likely happen.  I’m not saying those books are bad because I read them and I like them, but this book felt more relatable, more real and I liked that.  Once in a while, I like reading something that is going to feel real.  I mean you have three girls here who are going to go their separate ways soon for college and none of it was cheesy or bad, it was good, it was written well, I could tell who was who in the book and I loved the reality of it, how real it felt. Made me think back to high school.  I also loved the ending, it was heart felt but it like I said before it wasn’t cheesy it was true blue.

Available wherever books are sold.

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