Source Code

Source CodeGreat movie.  Star Jake Gyllenhaal, plays Captain Colter Stevens who is in a program called the Source Code that sends his consciousness to the body of someone who was alive during 8 minutes before a train bombing.  His task is to find the bomber.  But of course there is more to it than that as he soon discovers.

This movie was just awesome.  My mom is a big science thus making me one too and well this movie involves science only it doesn’t warp it for it’s own purposes, it uses it correctly.  I cannot find fault with this movie.  The story line was clear and perceptive and completely unique.  The acting was phenomenal on all parts.  And the special effects where amazing.  Jake Gyllenhaal has grown so much since Bubble Boy and has proven that he is such a versatile actor.  This movie was great and like I said before, I can find no fault.  I give this movie a 4 Star Rating and an “A” grade.


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