Hatred in America

This all started with the Americans and the world being shattered by the attack on the Twin Towers.  So many people died, so many people lost loved ones left and right.  It was heart breaking, I can understand why this hatred began, why the war began but I cannot condone it.  Americans are hating Arab’s and Muslims because of those radicals who have taken the teachings of their religion out of term and have warped them and twisted them into doing what they are doing.  That is not all Muslims, not all Arabs.  To judge the innocents by the mistakes of a few is unfair.  It sickens me.

Hatred breeds more hatred, is that really what this world needs?  With everything going on in this world is more hatred really something this world needs?  You know Catholics shouldn’t even begin to hate after what they have done in the name of God.  The Crusades was mass genocide, they killed and slaughtered people because their religions were different, and yet I guess people have forgotten that.  That was a mistake, those were radicals taking the teachings of God out of context just like those radicals of the Islamic religion.

Another example are the Witch Hunts by the Puritans.  They drowned and stoned and tortured innocent men and women, young and old.  They became paranoid with people who did things differently and they made a mistake, those people made a mistake.  Yet people have moved on and forgiven but no one has forgotten.

How is it fair to hurt and ostracize those who are different just because of their religion and how they look because of the ones that have taken and twisted the teachings of their religion.  It’s not fair.

The last thing this world needs is more hated.  Hatred only breeds more hatred.  If you are a religious person, if you believe in God then I ask you, how can you in good conscious breed more hatred.  God is the only one who should judge those we are incapable of judging because God preaches forgiveness and love.  How is good conscious can any of you continue to breed more hatred.  Why would you want to?  More hatred is the last thing this world needs.  I can’t be the only one who sees that.  I know its hard to forgive and forget but everyone needs to try.  I know it’s hard but what good could come from more hate?  Hate in history has never brought solace, in fact it brings more war more bloodshed more loved ones lost, more innocents to die.  Why would any of us want more of that in the world?

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