Green Lantern

Green LanternBefore I say anything I think we all know (if you’re a follower than you definitely know) that I am a comic book geek.  I read Green Lantern so I am a bit bias.  However, I will be as opinionated and fair as always.  So pay attention readers!

This was a great movie.  The story line was solid, it was written well but it was flawed.  I think it was obvious that they didn’t know how exactly they wanted to “kill” the villain or end it with Hal being hero.  Despite that though it was a well thought out story.  It did the origin part justice and I was proud.  The acting was great.  I had my reservations of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris but I think that she the one who did the part best.  I mean all the characters were done perfectly  but she nailed it!  Bravo to her.  Ryan Reynolds was also perfect for this part.  He got into character as was simply brilliant.  The special effects were also great even though I think what they did with the outfit was sort of dumb, nonetheless, the special effects were awesome.  If you don’t want to see the movie, make an exception for the special effects.  Also, there is no need to see this movie in 3D, so if you’re thinking about it and the cost, just see it in regular, it will have better quality and you don’t have to wear those annoying glasses.  This was a great movie.  I loved it, but as I said, I’m a comic book geek.  Despite the flaws though, I loved this movie and enjoyed it a lot.  I can’t wait for the sequel and dammit, there better be one.  3/4 Stars & a “B” Grade.


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