Last Dance (A Seer Novel: Book 2)

Last DanceGreat book!  It was suspenseful and gripping and the angst in which L. J. Singleton shows in the main protagonist is brilliantly done.  I mean she makes me feel so bad for the main character because of how her mom treats her.  It’s simply horrible.  Anyway this was a great book.  Sabine has finally found out what is wrong with her grandmother and why Dominic is really there and then, not only do the sparks start to fly but while Sabine is possessed by a ghost who is looking for her lost love, she kissed Dominic!  It was perfect and brilliant and such a great book about how being different or having a special gift isn’t a bad thing.  This book just brings to light that nothing about ones self is bad it just is, and how everything that makes you different makes you unique and your own person.  I loved this book, I loved how L. J. Singleton clearly writes from the heart to show that being different is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing that makes you your own person.  This is a great book for any Young Adult, for any parent to give to their teen or tween to read.  4.5/5 Stars & a “B+” Grade.

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