Sword Play (A Seer Novel: Book 4)

Sword PlayGood book.  A mesmerizing book about connection and self acceptance.  I think this book is a beautiful and good read for everyone.  I truly loved the connection that Sabine has with Dominic.  I think that Linda Joy Singleton is a very talented writer.  I loved this book very much.  Everything was detailed just so perfectly, you could see and feel the emotions that were on the page.  The expressions were so vivid and expressive.  I could feel everything that was going on in the pages.  Although I loved the book and I think that the writing was brilliant.  I have to say that it is a bit juvenile.  Granted it’s suppose to feel that way and seem that way, so I have to say when a writer becomes that in tuned with their writing it shows that their heart truly is in the book.  It also has a great sense of maturity that I loved.  A great book for all the ages.  4/5 Stars & a “B+”.

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