The Coffin Club (A Vampire Kisses Novel)

The Coffin Club
Book 5

Enticing, exhilarating and full of such thrills!  This was such a completely enjoyable book.  I loved it and I loved the twists and turns that it took.  Raven is such a great character.  She’s a Goth but she’s not stereotypical.  I loved that fact alone.  She’s someone that anyone can look up to.  Her character is all about being herself, despite what other people want.  I love the romance within this book as well, it’s not cheesy it’s realistic, despite the fact that Alexander is a vampire.  It’s why I love this book.  I like the dark texture and I love the characters and how they are still growing.  It’s a good story line.  5/5 stars & a “B+”.

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