Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle Book 4)

InheritanceHonestly, not his best work.  This book fails in comparison to his previous works.  The first 400 pages were so mind numbingly boring, especially when the chapters were focused on Roran who lets face it, is not that interesting of a character.  The writing was not that great, some of the things Paolini put into the book were there as filler, they had to purpose to me the reader, it made me want to pull my hair out.  I’m not saying everything needs to pertain to the book but come on, considering the first 400 pages, you shouldn’t drag the writing or the sentences on a point that simply does not matter.  I will say however, after page 400 the writing started picking up, the story picked up interest and it was more reminiscent of Eragon and Eldest.  A good book, but the style was lacking in comparison to his earlier works.  3/5 stars and a “C+”.

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