Big Bang at M! Countdown Backstage [PHOTOS]

“20120315오늘 엠카운트다운 컴백 스페셜의 주인공 빅뱅!! 지..진짜다!!진짜가 나타났다!!!폭풍간지휘몰아치는 빅뱅의 사진 공개!!사진보다 멋진 무대는 오늘 저녁 6시 생방송 Mcoundown에서 만나보세요”


“Today M!Countdown’s hero of comeback special, Big Bang!! It’s.. Real!! They were really appeared!!! The picture of Big Bang shared!! Let’s watch today’s Mcountdown broadcast at 6PM that will have stage that is more awesome than this picture”

[Note: BIGBANG’s comeback on MCountdown will be on broadcast later at 6PM. Their performances were pre-recorded last week.]

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