The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesBrilliant!  I loved this movie and as a fan of the book I was thrilled with this adaptation.  The problem with books is there is just so much that goes on, especially with this book but the screenplay was done masterfully.  They were able to incorporate what they needed to in such an artistic way and present the characters with a lot of depth.  There was so much chemistry in this movie, I believe that the actors were who they were suppose to be.  Portrayals were done magnificently.  I have to say though, in the beginning, I was worried because  Jennifer Lawrence was initially lacking connection with her cast mates, but then again, the character Katniss is a lot like that as well, aloof and distant, but when Jennifer Lawrence needed to make the connection she needed to, she did.  This was just a brilliant movie, there could have been more Peeta and on the screen, I loved every moment of Peeta and Katniss together.  Powerful movie based on a powerful and captivating book, I simply loved it so much and I loved the costume designs and special effects.  This was just a brilliant movie.  4/4 stars and an “A+”.

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