YG Family on Strong Heart: "The 3 biggest misconceptions about YG Entertainment!" [NEWS]

On the coming episode of SBS Strong Heart on the 27th, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, Gummy, and Sean have accompanied each other as guests on the show. On this night’s broadcast, it is safe to say that the YG family members will be sharing their moments and episodes that have happened within the company itself.

During the recording, the YG family members better explained the three biggest misconceptions about YG Entertainment to resolve the misunderstandings people may have. The first misconception spoken about during the show was how ‘YG does not look for appearance’. At this remark, Big Bang member, Daesung, abruptly began asking, “Why is everyone looking at me?”
Daesung then elaborated, “YGE definitely looks for physical appearance (when looking for new artists). However, the average scale marked is only about a 3.5… Our appearance standard is seemingly low.”

The second misconception was that ‘YGE parties often’ or ‘parties well’. At this, the members of the YG family all blamed PSY in a disapproving, yet joking manner, claiming that it is all his fault. Seungri explained, “Ever since PSY came into our company, the way we party and the atmosphere of the parties have changed,” and also created a riot of laughter within the studio when he showcased his imitation of PSY at the company get-togethers.

Lastly, the third misconception of the company was, ‘CEO Yang is an angel.’ At this, all of YG family cocked their heads from side to side, showing responses of disapproval. The YG Family special episode of SBS Strong Heart will air on the coming 27th and also the 4th of April.

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