T.O.P Injured On Set of Alumnus

The poor prince.  I’m in love with him so forgive me.  Now, recently, according to YG Entertainment T.O.P (BigBang, 71: Into the Fire, 19teen) suffered an injury to the back of his hand while filming his new movie “Alumnus”.  The scene was a combat scene near broken glass.  A glass fragment entered his skin and was it minor.  Details of the actual injury have not been released but immediate surgery was taken place to prevent any sort of damage (particularly nerve damage) []

Sunday Night TV (30 Sept 2012)

Very good episode.  I liked the concept and how it has progressed since last season.  Cary and Alicia I think have a great teamwork dynamic together and I love the fact that he’s back.  I mean it was cool that he was in the States Attorney Office.  I mean, that worked out so well and the tension created by that was amazing.  Alicia and her husband, that is a good complex dynamic very rooted in very relatable concepts involving family and career.  []

Monday Night TV (17 Sept 2012)

Boom shakalaka (yeah that’s light my catch phrase now so fyi).  In any case this was a great show.  However, I feel as though is is a bit like Jericho was, in the style and plot POV.  I mean the cast here is amazing, I love how the characters were here.  They were awesome, fighters, but at the same time, you could tell when one of them was scared.  They were relatable, realistic characters.  And the plot for the most point was []

Big Things Have Small Beginnings – The Connection Between Prometheus And Alien

By: Will Chadwick By now many people have had the chance to make their mind up about Prometheus. They have also had all those questions answered that were posed by the trailers and the marketing, the main question being:how does the film connect to the rest of the Alien franchise? Well, it’s complicated, as the film doesn’t really give you all the answers and only hints towards things that, down the line, sequels may or may not answer. That being said, I’m []

2NE1 talks about their comeback, their lifted dating ban, and more in recent interview

By: leesa86 Girl group 2NE1 has returned. Always becoming a hot issue with their unconventional music, style, and performances, the public had high expectations this time around as well and the ladies did not disappoint. With their new title song “I Love You“, 2NE1 became the first girl group to sing a ‘trot’-integrated electronic pop song, and member Sandara Park (Dara) even shaved half of her hair. “We are always working to try new things,” the girls said. “We feel that because []

Big Bang teams up with Samsung for their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour’ [NEWS]

Having embarked on their world tour, Big Bang has announced an upgrade as they’ve joined hands with Samsung to bring you the ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012‘ rather than ‘Alive Tour 2012‘. As leaders of Korea in their own respective fields, their meeting is drawing much interest to see how the two will be able to advance Hallyu with their collaboration. The ‘Alive Galaxy Tour’ will see Big Bang’s modern music style and Samsung’s Galaxy series of electronics come together by []

For Greater Glory

Beautiful movie, this was simply a beautiful and tragic movie about real events that took place in Mexico.  As a Mexican watching this movie meant a lot to me.  So many unjust things happened that sometimes make me ashamed of being a Mexican but here, this movie made me proud.  There were so many times when I thought I would cry in this movie, and truth me told, I went to bed thinking of all the things that had happened in Mexican []

Week 21 2012 Pt. 1

Superman #9 Secrets & Lies I have to say, this comic was actually quite funny, I mean the guy who thought he ousted Superman.  But no he did no, silly guy.  Anyway, I understand hat they are going back in the Superman world, but did they really need to make him a pushover, I mean I guess he used to be one but eh, it bothers me a bit.  I like the artwork, it’s better than the writing and only my devotion []

Monday Night TV (21 May 2012)

Now this was a good series finale. I liked the ending, it was very…House-like if that makes sense.  But I did like how they brought everyone back for the season finale and I’m really glad that he and Wilson will be able to spend their last five months together.  Bro-mances are awesome.  I liked it, it was sweet but not overly dramatic which is good.  I liked it a lot and I will miss this show but as they say, all good []