Big Bang collaborates with Gmarket for limited edition items & charity project [NEWS]

Big Bang has teamed up with their endorsement brand, ‘Gmarket‘, to collaborate on the release of a new set of cellphone cases!

Starting March 26th, Gmarket will be exclusively selling limited editions of Big Bang phone cases featuring various pictures of the members. The limited edition set is for the iPhone 4, 4S, Galaxy S2, and cost 25,900 KRW (~23USD). They are also selling, Big Bang limited edition T-shirts for 19,800 KRW (~17USD). Fans can select which individual member picture they would specifically like to purchase for both items. International fans are also in luck as Gmarket offers overseas shipping for these items. 

Lastly, a charity project is underway titled the ‘Big Bang Style Donation Project‘, where clothing items worn by the members during their endorsement shoot will be auctioned off to raise funds for children battling incurable diseases. 

Gmarket officials stated, “We’re looking forward to fans taking an interest in our brand through this limited collaboration with Big Bang. There are a lot of upcoming limited edition projects coming up aside from this cellphone case.”

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