Resident Evil 6 – What we want to see

Out of everything we’ve seen of RE6 so far, we remain excited even if there are still tons of unanswered questions. It’s been months since any real new details have been released, which got us thinking: What do we want to see in Resident Evil 6?

From gameplay updates to dialogue, we’ll take you through the biggest issues we want to see Capcom approach in Resident Evil 6. Are our educated guesses on the mark? Read along and see…

Better AI partners

The Resident Evil franchise has rarely been about solo adventures, as most characters are part of a team and often have a partner backing them up. RE5 brought co-op to the forefront as you have a constant companion during the campaign with drop-in/drop-out co-op. That would have been great had that same constant companion didn’t become a blithering idiot when AI took over.

RE6 and its initial gameplay trailer seems to imply that you’ll still be accompanied by a co-op friend, so we’re praying they’ll have learned a few lessons, such as, “Don’t use a healing item after every tiny bit of damage,” or “If you’re carrying a shotgun, use it!” The recent 3DS Resident Evil had much improved AI partners, perhaps that can be replicated somewhat in RE6.

Absolutely NO Wesker

We love Wesker and think he’s one of the most distinctive parts of the RE franchise. He’s not only been in multiple games since the start, but he’s appeared in the feature films and in side games like Marvel vs Capcom 3. In spite of that admiration, we have one request: NO ALBERT WESKER IN RE6!!!

(Spoilers for RE5 follow) Resident Evil 5 was the culmination of years of plotlines and twists, paying off in Wesker’s ultimate plan for world domination. It ends with an epic battle in a volcano with the super villain taking a lava bath and then being blown up by two rocket launchers. After such a finale he has to stay dead for it to mean anything. We know no one ever stays dead in video games, but we want Capcom to at least keep him dead for a few years. No clones, no shocking revelations, no flashbacks. Please, just NO WESKER!

An actual sense of horror

Resident Evil 5 was a fairly good action game, one with tons of great gunplay, interesting bosses, and creative set pieces. What wasn’t there? Scares. We’re not saying RE5 didn’t make us jump a few time, but it leaned way more toward being a shooter with occasional frights than a horror game.

We want to be thoroughly creeped out when playing RE6. We want to shake at some strange sound or fear that some creak is another killer monster about to burst through a wall. Resident Evil 4 managed to spook us while still being an awesome third-person shooter, and if Capcom can repeat that while also picking up some new tricks from games like Dead Space and BioShock, we might finally be afraid to play Resident Evil again (in a good way).

More natural dialogue

When the first Resident Evil came out, in-game dialogue and cutscenes were still a bit of a novelty, so we didn’t notice as much that the writing and acting was terrible. As time wore on, the scripts for Resident Evil games aren’t as bad as they used to be, but they’re hardly at the same level as the graphics and other production values. Just listen to this guy:

Resident Evil Revelations also had its fair share of clunkers delivered by willing voice actors. Most often the dialogue isn’t painfully bad, instead feeling lost in translation. We hope the localization team got in early with RE6’s script and can massage any strange lines of dialogue so we aren’t continually pulled out of the game saying, “huh?”

Improved inventory management

Resident Evil has always had a unique approach to managing all your items. Sometimes it’s incredibly limited, other times it’s a weird puzzle game to maximize space, occasionally they involve interconnected infinite chests. But they’ve never been as good as they could be and maybe RE6 can finally address that.

RE5 did its best with nine slots, but having to search inventory while walking around the world made you continually vulnerable. Add to that the complication of trading with your partner and you’ve gotten an annoying system that we hope doesn’t return. Though we wouldn’t mind a regression to something more akin to RE4’s weapon case, there’s hopefully a sexy new fix on the horizon.

Real zombies and lots of them

When RE4 rolled around the thought of fighting lumbering zombies was so blasé, which is why we welcomed the appearance of the much more capable Las Palagas. The similarly afflicted undead in RE5 were fun but some of the magic was gone and thanks to years of variations on fast/smart zombies in other games, we’re a little tired of them. It has made us nostalgic for retro brain-chewers.

The first video of RE6 showed some classic zombies (including a zombie United States President) so we’re off to a good start. We just hope they aren’t something briefly seen at the start of the game and then replaced by tons of special zombies. We want to wade through an ocean of classic-style flesh eaters.

Jill Valentine should appear somewhere

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were the original stars of the Resident Evil series, and despite sharing the spotlight with Claire and Leon (among some less memorable characters), they still are. While we’ve seen Chris in the game, there’s no sign of Jill despite her much needed past experience with bioweapons and the BSAA. We hope she hasn’t been pushed out of the series, retired for some newer model.

Jill got a raw deal in RE5, first being presumed dead and then appearing as Wesker’s brainwashed sidekick. Even when she was freed she’d been replaced by Sheva as Chris’ partner and spent the remainder of that game stuck in the background. After she starred in Revelations on 3DS, we hope that she hasn’t already been relegated to the background once again.

For each protagonist to feel unique

We know that Resident Evil 6 has (at least) three lead characters, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and the mystery mercenary. If those three are all the playable characters (in single player mode anyway) we hope that their parts are spread out evenly and that they play markedly different. And based on recent Resident Evils, we have a good feeling they will.

First off in the trailer each looked very different, playing to each hero’s strengths: Leon was exploring a dark, haunting town, Chris is on a military mission with other gun-toting soldier types, and the new guy is running around, punching zombies like he’s the next star of Devil May Cry. Based on the look and Capcom’s success with shifting stories in Revelations, we think they’ll have a good shot of pulling off something special with RE6’s story.

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