Big Bang Takes Over Vietnam at “SoundFest 2012” [NEWS/PHOTOS]

Big Bang takes over Vietnam!

On April 13, Big Bang arrived in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to promote, and were welcomed by about 2,000 fans. Since there was a lot of fans waiting at the airport till late into the night to see Big Bang’s arrival at 11pm, Big Bang was escorted to emergency exit to prevent possible accidents.

Earlier on April 9, Big Bang was greeted by 1,200 fans in Taiwan on their first visit. Not only that, but local press in Vietnam were also bringing live updates about Big Bang to fans with great interests.

On April 14th, Big Bang performed with not only local Vietnamese artists but also with other overseas artists like Taio Cruz and Kimberly Caldwell. Big Bang performed in front of a crowd of 30,000, singing a total of 6 songs including “Tonight”, “Hands up”, “Bad Boy”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Lies”, and “Last Farewell”. Big Bang is the only Korean artist who was invited for ‘SoundFest 2012’ at ‘Phu Tho Outdoor Stadium’ to perform that day. The crowd cheered on Big Bang for their first live stage in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be opening the Japanese leg of their “ALIVE” tour this May; touring 5 cities in Japan, and then meet worldwide fans through the continuation of ‘2012 BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR’.

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