Big Bang to appear on TV Asahi’s ‘Onegai! Ranking’ [NEWS]


It’s been revealed that Korean group BIGBANG will be making an appearance on TV Asahi’s popular variety program, ‘Onegai! Ranking‘.

BIGBANG will be introduced by comedian Watanabe Naomi in the “Ima Hamatteiru Artist” (Artist I’m Into Right Now) segment of the program, and they will perform their new song, “FANTASTIC BABY“.

Aside from Watanabe’s segment, the episode will star actress Nagasawa Masami and talento Oshima Mai, who were all born in 1987. The program’s ‘Strike Music‘ segment features 3 celebrities who were born in the same year, and they present songs they were hooked on during their childhood days. If both agree, it’s a “strike”; if only one agree, it’s a “spare”; and if no one agrees, it’s a “gutter”.

During the recording of the show, Watanabe praised BIGBANG saying, “Their song, dance, rap… everything is just perfect!” The BIGBANG boys also made a surprise appearance, leaving Watanabe speechless. However, as the members hugged her, she said, “What should I do?”

After their live performance, Watanabe, Nagasawa, and Oshima all took the stage, asking BIGBANG, “Among the 3 of us, who is your type?” Surprisingly, 3 out of the 5 members chose Watanabe.

‘Onegai! Ranking’ starring BIGBANG will air on May 3rd at 12:20 am.

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