Catching Fire Director Still Narrowed Down To Two, But It Could’ve Been Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish

Catching Fire Director Still Narrowed Down To Two, But It Could've Been Attack The Block's Joe Cornish image

The hunt for a new director to take over Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire seems to be winding down, as Deadline reiterates the news we reported two days ago, that Moneyball‘s Bennett Miller and Water For Elephants‘s Francis Lawrence are pretty much the final two contenders. Lawrence may have the edge because Miller seems committed to making Foxfire and doesn’t want to adjust for Catching Fire‘s August start date, but either may still get the job.

The most interesting detail of Deadline’s report, though, is a glimpse of what could have been. The studio apparently met with The Orphanage director Juan Antonio Bayona, and though he doesn’t seem to be out of the running, they don’t seem to think he’ll get the gig. And most interesting of all, they also apparently considered Joe Cornish, whose Attack the Block mastered teen protagonists, unusual violence and a lot of humor in a way precious few movies have. I don’t think Cornish was on many of the wishlists flying around the Internet in the last week, but now that they’ve mentioned him he seems kinda perfect for the gig. Unfortunately, Lionsgate didn’t even get around to taking a meeting with him– so just when they get your hopes up, they dash them all over again.

That said, Miller and Lawrence both seem like fine choices, though given how particular Miller has been about his projects, it seems a little surprising he might take this one. But hey, maybe if you yell loud enough, they’ll bring Cornish in for an actual meeting this time. Make it happen, Internet!

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