Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer To Produce Adaptation Of Lois Duncan’s Down A Dark Hall

Down_A_Dark_Hall_30512In Hollywood it’s all about brands. Studios don’t pump out endless remakes and sequels because they think that there are stories to be told, but rather because they think that a recognizable title or name will draw people into the theater. And when discussing powerful brands you can’t go very long without talking about Stephenie Meyer. Since the Twilight movies launched back in 2008, Meyer has become not only a household name, but a seal of approval as well. Hence why the book Down A Dark Hall is about to get a lot of attention.

Fickle Fish Films, the company run by Stephenie Meyer and Meghan Hibbett, has optioned the rights to the Lois Duncan novel. According to Variety, the plan is to turn it into a feature film with Meyer serving as one of the producers. First published in 1974, the young adult novel is about a young girl named Kit Gordy who goes to a boarding school called Blackwood where she is one of only four students. While this would be seen as odd by anyone, the situation only gets worse when Kit discovers that Blackwood is actually haunted by an evil curse. Wyck Godfrey, who served as a producer on all of the Twilight movies, is currently in negotiations to produce the project as well.

This isn’t the first time that Duncan’s work has found its way to Hollywood. Her previously adapted works include I Know What You Did Last Summer and 2009’s Hotel For Dogs. The real question is how many of you actually knew those two stories were by the same people?


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