Daesung reveals his skincare secret, "GoDae Cleansing Technique" [NEWS]

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Big Bang’s Daesung, revealing “GoDae Cleansing Technique,” supported by beautiful-skinned Go Hyunjung

Big Bang’s Daesung surprisingly revealed a special skincare tip to Go Hyunjung, who is known for her beautiful skin.

Big Bang is featured as the third guest of SBS TV’s talk show “GO Show,” to be aired on the 20th.

In a corner called “G File,” Daesung’s bad skin was noted on an HD screen.

Daesung said “I’ve been working harder with my skincare since HD became more popular and generalized.”

The skincare secret that he revealed was actually a tip the MC Go Hyunjung had shown in the past. They did not just end it here, but combined ideas to create a better way for skincare, titled GoDae (Go Hyunjung + Daesung.)

Go Hyunjung stated that the “GoDae Cleansing Technique” actually does have good results and Daesung’s delicate skincare was applauded.

Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=218001 & BigBangUpdates.com
Translated by @kristinekwak for bigbangupdates

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